Sex Education & Coaching

Miss Eva Vavoom has been interested in human sexuality for over 30 years and draws from an adventurous life vast with formative experiences. She focuses her practice on advanced sexual topics such as relationship 2.0, alternative lifestyles and BDSM. She is also an advocate for comprehensive sex education for teens and young adults.

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Miss Vavoom has over 10 years experience in protocol relationships, she is also happily poly-amorous with many awesome supportive partners. She has also served (volunteered for) a dozen leaders in the BDSM and Sex Positive community, mostly teachers and writers, starting in female-only space. She has developed BDSM workshops/demos for presentation in Montreal and Toronto.

Miss Eva Vavoom is not a pro-domme and does not answer emails requesting these services. You will refrain from sending her any type of sexual solicitation. 

Empowering you to realize your dreams and goals!

Miss Vavoom firmly believes everyone deserves a happy, healthy and fun sex life free of shame or external judgment. While the information she passes on may be helpful to you, what she offers is an attentive open-minded and non-judgmental ear and sex-positive attitude. You do not have to address Miss Vavoom in a protocolary way if you are not in service to her, you can simply call her Eva.  Schedule a session.

Consultations are private and confidential.

As a sex educator, her goal is to empower you to realize your dreams. She is not a licensed therapist, does not sell products or books, does not use a n-step program and does not provide sexual entertainment.

Areas of practice :


Few of us fit into the constrictive 20th-century relationship model but we try to adapt nonetheless sometimes at great cost to our emotional health. There are other options. Miss Vavoom, coaches those who want to explore and define their own relationship style all-the-while communicating this clearly to their potential partner(s). She routinely answers questions about poly-amory and non-monogamy. Want to create exciting experiences with your partner but don’t know how? Miss Vavoom will help you make a plan for success and achieve it. Have questions about safe online dating? Miss Vavoom has 20 years of experience with connected networks and social media and can help you keep safe when using online dating sites or their newfangled mobile versions.  Schedule a session.


The world of BDSM and Fetishes can be a bit overwhelming. Miss Vavoom can answer your questions and help you understand the origin and nature of your BDSM interests. Because it is much harder to find a partner who shares our specific kinky interest, she will help you find others in your area for friendship, education and more.  Schedule a session.

Teens & Sex

We are raising young people who live in a completely different social landscape than we did as teenagers. It is our responsibility to help them navigate a hyper-connected world and help them make the right choices along the way. As an Internet & security professional with over 20 years of experience in social media, Miss Vavoom is also mom to a tween girl. She may be able to help you deal with drama that originates or surrounds the use of technology and smart phones. Her goal is to raise emotionally mature teenagers who are very well informed about gender identities, sexual orientations, and sexuality and are able to connect sincerely and safely with their peers outside of sexual promiscuity. The Curriculum for Modern Sex Education, will contain a whole module on managing
relationships in the age of social media. Schedule a session.