Schedule a session

To schedule a session, send an email with the context of the support you require. This is only a request for a session. You will receive a confirmation before any other arrangements are made. Simply write to me at evavavoom @ gmail

  • I provide listening services and will ask questions.
  • I am not a licensed therapist.
  • I have no products to sell you.
  • I will only help you find a solution if it’s what you require.
  • I may tell you about published work that touches on the issues you are experiencing.
  • You can unburden yourself and practice talking about the issue before telling someone specific.
  • I might help you find the perfect local professional to tackle your case.
  • I do not provide sexual services, I do not mind talking about sexuality or any other aspect of adult life that matters to you.

The people I am used to supporting (whose context and daily work is familiar to me): People who work in law enforcement, entertainment, army, information security, practitioners of BDSM, remote and contract workers, hackers, developers, transgender and queer folks, people who are active in social media and gamers.

The consultation fee is USD 150.00 for 50 minutes, can be paid by Paypal or even, in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Longer coaching plans are available. Use the text field to tell me what you wish to accomplish and we will get right on it!

Simply write to me at evavavoom @ gmail