About Miss Vavoom

Miss Eva Vavoom is the thrillionaire philanthropist CEO of World Domination MegaCorp. She identifies as a Supervillain and maintains the Top 100 Supervillain List. In her spare times, she is also the most sexually satisfied woman in the world.

Three decades of observation and experience at the forefront of sexual revolution informs her writing and teaching on the topics of BDSM, Fetishes, Sex, and Relationship especially, happy polyamory. She has helped so many accomplish their dreams and realize their fantasies and is also regarded as a ‘Fairy Godmother‘ (wikipedia).

She started blogging about sexual and social issues in 2004 but has been involved in one on one coaching since the early 90s. She is the creator of The Curriculum for Modern Sex Education and the editor of Pure Moan, a website about sex. She sometimes tweets (see a list of official accounts below).


For press inquiries, speaking engagements, pen1s en1argement spam or advertizing/promotional questions write to

Do not send Miss Vavoom inappropriate messages. All communications are filtered and reviewed by a henchboy. All communications become Miss Vavoom’s property. If you send Miss Vavoom’s henchboy inappropriate content via electronic means, she will put you on her ‘consent violator’ list.

Miss Vavoom does not review products at this time.

Communication Policy & Impersonation Disclaimer

Miss Vavoom will never contact you in private, out of the blue, for no reason at all, or even, for romantic or sexual reasons. #NOPE

If she needs to contact someone for a story or project, it would be from her official Twitter or Gmail account (check the headers, check the origin).
Beware of anyone contacting you pretending to be Miss Vavoom. Immediately report this phishing/catfishing or… catphishing to the email address above.

Be safe online <3


You are free to support Miss Vavoom’s work via the means listed below. She would never ask you to send her money online via private communications. This would be a sure sign you are dealing with a scammer! Please report scamming to the email address above.

Patreon: Coming soon.
Bitcoin: 1KnRicB2mFydbW4ZaoLFLopyoXqyRw1Knb
Etsy: Miss Vavoom’s Naughty Curio Cabinet (not active)

Official Websites

Pure Moan, a website for women and current home of the #vavoomcyclopedia

Official Social Media

Ms Vavoom’s name has been used by a few Burlesque Artists who started long after she stopped doing shows under the name. The following accounts are official. Any other account using the name Eva Vavoom is operated by someone else (who probably has no idea Miss Vavoom exists.) Please do not bother them.

Twitter: @EvaVavoom
Additional official channels @puremoan
Snapchat: missevavavoom
Instagram: @missevavavoom
Disqus: @missevavavoom
Youtube: missevavavoom
Tumblr: evavavoom
Fetlife: Miss Eva Vavoom
Flickr: evavavoom