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I am a lifestyle dominatrix AMA

Dear Reader,

I am doing research to complete a book about power exchange (BDSM) relationships and sexuality. I am doing an AMA on Reddit to gather feedback and questions. The reason for this is to be exposed to random people I would never get to meet and who are not part of my existing entourage. I saw that there were a lot of dominatrix AMAs already and have read some of the content. The only difference with me I guess is that I am not a pro dominatrix. In practicality, what this means is that I dominate with care and do not care to fake this with someone I do not know. I have been hacking life for quite a while and have managed to create exactly the qualitative life I have envisioned for myself. Some of this success, I can credit to my own dominant partner is the all-women BDSM sphere. After guiding promising and deserving subs towards an important goal (in any aspect of life) I decided to write a book about the art of finding the right dominant partner for you. It is why I have decided to do a Reddit AMA in the near future.

Eva Vavoom

Toronto January 25th 2013 – Cock Bondage Workshop

I will be giving my cock bondage workshop in Toronto on January 25th.